Liquorice ice cream with primroses

Mar 30, 2015

Not everyone digs on eating grey food. It’s okay, I get it. But they obviously haven’t tried this glorious home made liquorice ice cream with pretty primroses.

Edible primrose flowers with liquorice ice cream

I have two food obsessions at the moment. One is watercress and the other is liquorice. I’m constantly dreaming of making liquorice flavoured treats and I had been mulling this one over for a while. It’s just that March doesn’t exactly bring ice cream weather and grey doesn’t lend itself to the most appetising of colours, unless that is, it’s paired with beautiful yellow primroses. Perfecto.

Edible flowers and ice cream

Besides, this dish has a little more meaning. I recently had a fabulous trip to Whitby with our dear friends Lydia of @studiobinky and Claire of @pinkyandboo during which there was a definite liquorice theme. Plus, ice cream is the national dish of the cold British seaside and most importantly primroses are Lydia’s favourite flower. See, this isn’t just thrown together.

Lydia is the brilliant creator behind The Flower Deli’s beautiful logo and so this sweet dessert is a little dedication to her. Thank you love x

Edible primrose flowers and ice cream