Changes in 2020

Jan 3, 2020

Establishing The Flower Deli back in 2016 has been a little dream come true for me. Seeing the edible blooms that I worked really hard to grow, maintain, harvest and send on their way be a part of a beautiful piece of culinary art for occasions of celebration and love has truly been joyous. I have learned a huge amount and made some wonderful friends since starting to sell edible flowers commercially and both of those things I am cherishing and keeping with me as I go forward into other things.

In 2020 I am taking a break from growing edible flowers to sell and The Flower Deli, for the time being, is and will be a place where I explore other things in the world of horticulture. 

Rudbekia flower with a bee

I could list all of the events and thoughts that led me here but they culminate in the decision that whilst I have loved selling edible flowers in the past few years I don’t love it enough to sacrifice other things, for now. Horticulture offers such a vast array of experiences, opportunities to learn, experiments to try and things to create that I don’t want to be limited in what I can do. It feels good now to take some time to expand my knowledge and go with the flow.

Corn salad leaves

I have already changed this website to take down the online shop and move over to a more blog-based format. I see writing as a principle and constant feature from now. I have started setting wheels in motion for how I can use my experience and plant knowledge in a more supportive way (for fellow humans and for wildlife). Horticultural therapy is still a huge interest of mine and since this time last year I started on the path of understanding more about the benefits of gardens and the natural world on our wellbeing. I look forward to sharing what I’m learning. Of course I’ll be growing edible flowers (because I will love them forever), herbs and other food and have plans underway for utilising The Flower Deli garden in a different way. I am getting creative and tapping into the beauty of plants and flowers to make pretty things. Hopefully there will be even more adventures that I haven’t even thought of yet.

Flower art

I’m excited about the months ahead but I don’t want to dash forward without saying a massive thank you. Thank you to my lovely customers, some who supported my little business from the beginning and through the seasons, inspired me and gave me great advice. Some who bought flowers for a one-off big day or special occasion and told me stories of generations of women baking together, uni graduations and wedding days, I loved that connection. Some businesses who reached out but never became customers because they were too big a restaurant for me to supply. They certainly built my confidence and made me smile. Thank you to everyone who liked, shared and posted lovely comments on my social media channels.

So, happy new year! Here’s to doing the things you love and being able to help where you can.