Nature is full of surprises, both joyful and terrifying. It feels like home, wherever we are. It makes life meaningful where material things fail.

The natural world helps us to make sense of a nonsensical world and inspires us to tell stories about its lessons. It connects humans to each other and brings calm, joy, love, nourishment and creativity. And all the time it takes us on personal journeys and gives us insight into others’ lives.

Nature is the answer to so many questions.

This is what I write about.

Ullustrations of pink and orange flowers and green leaves on a cream background

Some History

I spent most of my childhood amongst the sunflowers, marigolds and tomato plants of my parents’ beautiful, ever-blooming and productive garden. As is told over and again, this set in a life-long curiosity for nature and gardening, progressing over several years to formal horticultural studies with the RHS and later in social and therapeutic horticulture.

I have worked voluntarily and professionally amongst plants and flowers for much of my adult life. Happy volunteering took place in a plant nursery, a community garden and in creating wellbeing growing kits for vulnerable people. In work I founded a business growing and selling edible flowers to chefs, bakers and mixologists. More recently I co-managed a therapeutic gardening Community Interest Company and am still involved in its activities today. I have dipped my toes into magazine published writing too. All of this alongside working in libraries and organising content for websites. It’s funny how words and nature seem to co-habit so harmoniously.

An illustrated white aquilegia flower on a green background