Providing support with growing kits

Mar 12, 2021

Can you help me provide growing kits and / or creative plant based activities to a charity that supports people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless?

A couple of weeks ago I put together twenty kits for the Wellbeing Support Team and their clients at Emmanuel House Support Centre. The kits contained a small house plant and equipment and seeds to grow indoor windowsill microgreens. I have been in touch with the team since then and if possible they would love to receive more.

Growing kits including a house plant, seeds, trays, instructions and white paper bags

What is needed?

I am looking for shops or businesses that may be able to donate any of the following items:

  • small house plants
  • new packs of windowsill herbs or microgreens seeds
  • compost / suitable growing medium
  • small watering cans or water sprays
  • microgreens trays / small seed trays
  • small plantpots with saucers
  • plant labels
  • nature / plants / flowers themed colouring books
  • colouring pencils

The recipients of these kits may be living in shared accommodation or a small room with no outside space, so something not too big that may fit on a windowsill and can grow indoors is ideal.

If you are able to help then please do get in touch.

Some background information

Emmanuel House Support Centre is a charity based in Nottingham. Their main aim is to prevent people becoming homeless and to support those who are homeless into accommodation. They provide a wide range of support services and links to 100+ other support organisations. Their work really does change people’s lives.

The Wellbeing Support Team at Emmanuel House specialise in supporting people with mental health issues and additional issues, including but not limited to domestic violence, sexual violence, substance misuse and relationship breakdown. They have continued to work throughout the covid-19 pandemic providing practical support as well as support for clients’ emotional and mental wellbeing.

How does this relate to plants and growing kits?

A few weeks ago, Emmanuel House put out a request for donations of creative activities (such as colouring books) that clients could use whilst having to stay indoors during lockdown, often in one room, and whilst dealing with their mental health needs.

There is no doubt that being around plants and nature is beneficial for our mental and physical wellbeing. There is plenty of evidence and examples of how views of nature have supported better recovery in hospital patients, how growing food can boost self-esteem and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety and how nurturing a plant can help a person to feel nurtured in return. That’s where the idea for the growing kits came in.

Please get in touch

If you are able to help in any way then please do get in touch with me and I’d love to hear from you. Or if you would like to help Emmanuel House Support Centre directly then do visit

Thank you so much,
Vic x