Winter light project

Feb 20, 2022

In the northern hemisphere winter has a lot of dark hours, more so the further north you go. For many people that’s what makes it the toughest time of the year. Something I do to help my mood in winter is to seek out the light. Here in the UK there are locations in nature where the winter light is truly magical and in other places it may be more elusive.

Akin to absorbing yourself in other ‘noticing’ practices, such as looking out for blue spring flowers or listening for bird song I search for light in the darkest months, both practically and metaphorically. When the weather is finger-numbingly cold or unendingly bleak, staying indoors and cosy might seem like a more comforting option but it doesn’t work for me. I know because it is tried and tested. Getting myself outdoors and into the elements when it seems like the least sensible thing to do never fails to lift my mood.

So, this is a little photography project I set myself, the winter light project. They aren’t the most perfect or professional looking pictures but as always, it’s the process that matters more than the end result…

I realise that to be able to have the opportunity to get outdoors like this most days isn’t something that is available to everyone and I am extremely appreciative that I can. After a conversation with a colleague of mine the other day who has many years experience working to support vulnerable people I realise that it is part of my job to make sure I do these things for myself. We discussed how important it is for us to try to stay as physically and mentally well as we can so that we are in a healthy place to be as available, calm, open and kind to the people we work with as possible. It’s always a learning jouney and a work in progress.