Edible flower culinary creations

Jan 10, 2020

During my time growing and selling edible flowers it was a real dream come true for me to to work with extremely talented food and drink professionals and and to see my flowers being used for occasions of celebration and love. Here are a few photos of some of their gorgeous creations. Do check them out…

Claire Elizabeth

claire-elizabeth.co.uk :: @claireelizabethcakes

Cakes with our edible flowers by Claire Elizabeth

Photo credits: Claire Elizabeth

The Sweet Stuff

thesweetstuff.co.uk :: @sweetstufflife

Edible flowers on cakes by The Sweet Stuff

Photo credits: Pic1 The Sweet Stuff | Pics2-3 Becky Ryan Photography

Yummy Little Cakes

yummylittlecakes.co.uk :: @yummlittlecakes

Our edible flowers used by Yummy Little Cakes

Photo credits: Yummy Little Cakes

Whisk Patisserie

whiskpatisserie.co.uk :: @whisk.patisserie

Whisk patisserie cupcakes with our edible flowers

Photo credits: Whisk Patisserie

The Walled Garden

walledgardennottingham.co.uk :: @walledgardenatbeestonfields

Edible flowers used in Cocktails at The Walled Garden Beeston Fields Nottingham

Photo credits: The Walled Garden

Belmont House Cakery

belmonthousecakery.co.uk :: @belmonthousecakery

Edible flowers used on wedding cakes by Belmont House Cakery

Photo credits: Belmont House Cakery

Strawberry Cupcakes

strawberrycupcakes.co.uk/ :: @strawberrycupcakes_notts

Our edible flowers used by Strawberry Cupcakes Nottingham

Photo credits: Strawberry Cupcakes

Amy Fish

Baker at The Pudding Pantry :: @poissoncroissant

Our edible flowers used on a celebration cake by Amy Fish

Photo credit: Amy Fish

And more fabulous bakers and culinary artists…

Edible flowers used by The Flower Deli customers

Photo credits:
Pics1-2 Clemie Vegan Cakes  |  Pic3 @RebeccaButtons  |  Pic4 Gaynor Pokorny  |  Pic5 @aimilouisecakes  |  Pic6 @thebakehousenotts