Creating an edible flowers feast

Nov 3, 2019

Back in the summer I took a morning out to create a little edible flowers feast for two. I wanted it to be beautiful as well as taste good, so here are some lovely flower and food combinations whose flavours work well together and look pretty too.

Edible flowers feast table

One of my favourite cake and flower partners is chocolate and strong, rich coloured petals. Here we have dahlias, fuchsias, cornflowers, dianthus and violas.

Chocolate cake with edible flowers

Phlox and violas make lovely decorations for sweet drinks. For me phlox is one of the loveliest sweet flavours and violas go with most food and drink. They’re light enough to float on top and hold their shape nicely.

Again, phlox but this time a pink variety and gorgeous, mild chamomile with strawberries.

Strawberries with edible flowers phlox and chamomile

For savoury dishes like salads you can’t beat nasturtiums with their spicy flavour and fiery colours. Scatter in some calendula petals, violas and radish flowers too.

Edible flowers nasturtiums with cheesy bread and salad

The garlic chive flowers, even though they’re teeny still get to shine alongside garlic stuffed olives.

Garlic chives edible flowers and garlic olives

These are just a few ideas of beautiful flowers and flavours that go together. What are your favourites?