Edible flower ice lollies

Aug 29, 2016

I’m not saying we’re desperately clinging on to summer but….

Edible flowers and fruit ice lollies

These edible flowers and fruit ice lollies are making these late summer days feel very sunny indeed. They’re a good one to make with children because they’re super easy, very colourful and there’s no handling of hot syrup like the edible flower lollipops.

You can use any ice lolly moulds and really any edible flowers and fruit you like. I chose a mixture of pansies, violas and dianthus with strawberries to create multi-colour ice lollies.

Edible flower and fruit ice lolly

The great thing is you can make lots of batches of various flavours with different flowers until you find your favourite. There aren’t any rules here, just make sure your ingredients are edible (of course, silly!) and have fun. That’s what summer is for!